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What are Jay-Z and Beyonce's combined net worth?

Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles are an American music and business power couple who have a combined net worth of $2.6 billion. They first cracked the combined billion dollar mark in July 2014. Jay-Z's net worth is $2 billion and Beyonce's net worth is $600 million. That's easily enough to make them one of the top 10 richest celebrity couples in the world. As a matter of fact, when you remove famous women who happen to be dating not-so-famous billionaires like Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Penault, Jay-Z and Beyonce are perhaps THE richest celebrity couple in the world. They are well ahead of couples like Tom Brady/Gisele Bundchen and David/Victoria Beckham. Beyonce sports a $5 million wedding ring by Lorraine Schwartz. Jay-Z has sold more than 100 million records while his wife Beyonce has sold about the same, not counting the 60 million she sold as a part of Destiny's Child. Beyonce and Jay Z were listed as the number one most powerful couple for TIME Magazine's 100 most influential people of 2006.

Dating and Marriage

The famous couple is notoriously tight-lipped about their romance. The timeline is unclear to the public, but Beyonce and Jay-Z met sometime around the year 2000. In 2002, they collaborated on a track, "03 Bonnie & Clyde" for Jay-Z's seventh album The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse Beyond. Beyonce appeared as his girlfriend in the music video, which confirmed public speculation that they were dating. Jay Z and Beyonce also collaborated on Beyonce's hit singles Crazy in Love and That's How You Like It. They were married quietly on April 4, 2008. There was no press and the wedding was very low-key. Beyonce debuted her $5 million Lorraine-Schwartz wedding ring to the public in September 2008, officially confirming their wedded bliss. Despite keeping their relationship mostly under wraps, they have acknowledged difficulty in their marriage due to an affair Jay Z publicly admitted to in 2016 following the release of Beyonce's "Lemonade."


Beyonce has discussed suffering a miscarriage in 2010, and has described it as the "saddest thing" she has ever gone through. In April 2011, Beyonce and Jay-Z traveled to Paris where she became unexpectedly pregnant. She revealed her pregnancy at the VMA awards that August during a performance. That performance made the VMA's the most-watched broadcast in MTV history with 12.4 million viewers. Beyonce gave birth to their daughter Blue Ivy Carter in New York City on January 7, 2012. Jay-Z recorded and released a song, Glory, dedicated to their child. In February 2012, Beyonce announced on Instagram that she was expecting twins. Her announcement "broke the internet", gaining 6.3 million likes in eight hours. Their twins, Rumi and Sir Carter, were born on June 13, 2017 at the UCLA Medical Center in California.

Combined Earnings

Jay and Bey are easily one of the highest earning couples in the world every year. In an average year, they earn a combined $100 million from record sales, touring, merchandise, endorsem*nts, business ventures and more. When Jay performs, his concerts gross an estimated $1.5 million per night. When Beyonce tours, her concerts gross over $2 million. We have tracked their annual combined earnings since 2007.

Beyonce and Jay-Z Combined Career Earnings by Year:

2007 –$84 million

2008 – $160 million

2009 – $70 million

2010 – $133 million

2011 – $107 million

2012 – $83 million

2013 – $93 million

2014 – $175 million

2015 – $111 million

2016 – $116 million

2017 – $147 million

2018 – $137 million

Total = $1.416 billion

Keep in mind that number is just their actual earnings before taxes. That number does not include the paper value of investments in businesses and real estate (or debt connected to those real estate assets). Jay's stake in Tidal could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars on paper to the right buyer. Beyonce's clothing line could also be worth hundreds of millions.

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Beyonce and Jay-Z Net Worth from Real Estate

Beyonce and Jay-Z own an extremely valuable portfolio of real estate assets around the world. When they are in the United States, The Carters can be found at a luxury apartment in New York City, a mansion in Westchester County, New York or a waterfront Villa in Miami. Here's a highlight reel of the homes we KNOW about:

  • In 2008 they purchased a 7-bedroom mansion on the ultra-exclusive Indian Creek Island in Miami for $8 million. They sold this home in 2010 for $9.3 million.
  • Beyonce owns a $2.6 million home in New Orleans.
  • Jay-Z owns a $10 million apartment in NYC that he bought solo in 2004 for $6.85 million.
  • In 2017 Beyonce sold her long-time NYC condo for $9.95 million. She bought the condo in 2005 for $5 million.
  • In 2017 Beyonce and Jay-Z together paid $26 million for a mansion in the Hamptons called Pond House.
  • In 2017, Beyonce and Jay-Z together paid $88 million for an insane 30,000 square foot mansion in Bel Air, California. Public records show that they took out a $52 million mortgage when they bought the house. Using the mortgage rates that were available at the time, B + J are likely paying north of $250,000 per month on their mortgage for the home that has a full basketball court, 2-acres of land, a 15 car garage, media room, multiple pools and bulletproof windows.
  • Together they own a $4 million private island in the Bahamas.

In May 2020, Jay-Z and Beyonce paid $200 million for home in Malibu. it is one of the most expensive private home purchases in US history. Here's a video tour of their Malibu home shot from a helicopter after their purchase was confirmed:

When you total it all up, Beyonce and Jay-Z own at least $350 million worth of real estate in the United States that we can find via public record searches. It's possible they own more real estate abroad or other properties hidden behind LLCs.

Combined Earnings

Jay and Bey are easily one of the highest-earning couples in the world every year. In an average year, they earn a combined $100 million from record sales, touring, merchandise, endorsem*nts, business ventures and more. When Jay performs, his concerts gross an estimated $1.5 million per night. When Beyonce tours, her concerts gross over $2 million. We have tracked their annual combined earnings since 2007.


Beyonce and Jay-Z have been actively philanthropic throughout their careers both individually and as a couple. In 2003, Jay-Z founded the Shawn Carter Foundation, which helps students through college who face socio-economic hardships. Jay-Z has used his platform to raise awareness for the global water shortage. MTV and the UN produced a documentary, Diary of Jay-Z, Water For Life in November 2006. Jay-Z and Beyonce pledged $1 million dollars to the American Red Cross in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Also after Hurricane Katrina, Beyonce and Kelly Rowland founded the Survivor Foundation to provide transitional housing for victims around the Houston area. The foundation has expanded to work with other charities around the city, and it also provided relief from Hurricane Ike a few years later. Jay-Z anonymously established a trust fund for shooting victim Sean Bell's children in 2006. In April 2011, Beyonce teamed up with First Lady Michelle Obama to help bolster the campaign against child obesity. Beyonce released a cover of God Bless the USA as a charity single to raise funds for the New York Police and Fire Widows' and Children's Benefit Fund. In December 2012, following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, Jay Z, Beyonce, and several other celebrities produced a bipartisan video campaign, Demand a Plan, to urge the government to introduce stricter gun laws. Beyonce was named The Most Charitable Celebrity of the Year in December 2016.

Who's Richer?

Beyonceand Jay-ZCompare!Jay-Z

All net worths are calculated using data drawn from public sources. When provided, we also incorporate private tips and feedback received from the celebrities or their representatives. While we work diligently to ensure that our numbers are as accurate as possible, unless otherwise indicated they are only estimates. We welcome all corrections and feedback using the button below.

Beyonce and Jay-Z Net Worth (2024)


Beyonce and Jay-Z Net Worth? ›

Beyoncé herself is estimated to be approaching billionaire status, which means the duo's combined net worth totals more than $3 billion. That makes the Carters one of the most powerful couples on the planet. And for the record, they're officially known as the Knowles-Carters.

Who earns more, Beyoncé or Jay-Z? ›

While Beyonce is worth $800 million, Forbes reported in March 2023 that Jay-Z is worth $2.5 billion (thanks in part to those Tidal/champs sales!).

Who's the richest between Rihanna and Beyoncé? ›

She is on the Forbes list of billionaires with a net worth of $1.1 billion, which trails Rihanna's net worth of $1.4 billion and puts her as the world's richest female musical artist.

Are Jay-Z and Beyoncé both billionaires? ›

Both Jay-Z and Beyoncé are estimated to be billionaires. They do not need institutional support the way others do, and in fact have received an exceptional amount.

Is Taylor Swift worth more than Beyoncé? ›

Taylor Swift has a net worth of $740 million, and Beyonce is at $540 million. Other big name musicians on the list include Madonna, Dolly Parton, Celine Dion and Barbra Streisand. Some other female celebrities to make the cut included Oprah Winfrey, Judge Judy and Reese Witherspoon, to name just a few.

Is Taylor Swift a billionaire? ›

The financial news outlet said she is the first artist to achieve billionaire status solely on the basis of her music, and estimated she has a $1.1 billion fortune.

How much money does Jay-Z have in his bank account? ›

Superstar rapper and entrepreneur Jay-Z has a net worth of $2.5 billion as of November 2023, according to Forbes.

Does Jay-Z own Uber? ›

According to Forbes, Jay-Z purchased a $2 million stake in Uber, the ride-sharing app, in 2013. The company is now worth nearly $60 billion.

Is Kim Kardashian richer than Taylor Swift? ›

Perhaps the most surprising star that ranked ahead of Swift on this year's list was Kim Kardashian, who came in at No. 6 with a reported net worth of $1.7 billion. Of course, the reality star's Skims shapewear line has allowed her to make a bulk of money in recent years, as it was valued at $4 billion in 2023.

Is Rihanna richer than Oprah? ›

Winfrey, 69, best known for her talk show The Oprah Winfrey Show (1986 to 2011), sits at the top with US$2.5 billion (S$3.4 billion). In second place with US$1.4 billion is singer Rihanna, who made the bulk of her fortune from her make-up line Fenty Beauty, which saw its sales double in 2022.

Who grossed more, Beyoncé or Taylor Swift? ›

Swift's “Eras Tour” reportedly grossed more than an estimated $1 billion, while Beyoncé's “Renaissance” tour reportedly grossed an estimated $570 million. However, she had 56 tour dates compared to Swift's 146.

Who has more money, Oprah or Jay-Z? ›

Oprah Winfrey ($2.8 billion) narrowly missed the cut for the third time in a row after having made the ranks for 25-years straight. Celebrities Jay-Z ($2.5 billion) and Kim Kardashian ($1.7 billion), the wealthiest member of her family, still don't have enough to crack the top 400.

How much does Beyoncé make per concert? ›

However, given the industry's plumped-up ticketing and her consistent sell-out stadium business, the Renaissance World Tour could be earning $6.8 million-$7.5 million per show, a personal-best that could potentially notch her first $300 million tour.

Who are the top 3 richest rappers? ›

Check out the richest rappers in the world for 2024.
  • Snoop Dogg's Net worth: $150 Million.
  • Lil Wayne's Net Worth: $160 Million.
  • Ice Cube's Net Worth: $160 Million.
  • Ronald 'Slim' Williams' Net Worth: $170 Million.
  • Drake's Net Worth: 180 million.
  • Pharrell William's Net Worth: 200 million.
  • Master P's Net Worth: $200 Million.

How much is Beyoncé and Jay Z combined? ›

Beyonce and Jay-Z's combined net worth

The musical power duo is worth a combined $2.6 billion, making them the fifth-richest couple on the planet, according to celebrity net worth websites, just behind filmmaker Steven Spielberg and actress Kate Capshaw, and Kering CEO Francois Pinault and actress Salma Hayek.


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