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91% Tomatometer 175 Reviews 83% Audience Score 50,000+ Ratings During a forbidden excursion to see the surface world, a goldfish princess encounters a human boy named Sosuke, who gives her the name Ponyo. Ponyo longs to become human, and as her friendship with Sosuke grows, she becomes more humanlike. Ponyo's father brings her back to their ocean kingdom, but so strong is Ponyo's wish to live on the surface that she breaks free, and in the process, spills a collection of magical elixirs that endanger Sosuke's village. Read More Read Less Coming Soon In Theaters Sat Aug 3 Reserve Tickets


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While not Miyazaki's best film, Ponyo is a visually stunning fairy tale that's a sweetly poetic treat for children of all ages.

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Hayao Miyazaki Director Noah Cyrus Ponyo Liam Neeson Fujimoto Cate Blanchett Gran Mamare Matt Damon Koichi Tina Fey Lisa
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Ponyo | Rotten Tomatoes (1) Rafer Guzman Newsday Even when the film feels murky, Miyazaki's painterly eye keeps things afloat Jul 6, 2010 Full Review Ponyo | Rotten Tomatoes (2) Nick De Semlyen Empire Magazine Miyazaki's back, and still a force of nature. A weird, wonderful aquatic romp, Ponyo is also a meditation on the state of this blue planet. Catch it. Rated: 4/5 Feb 16, 2010 Full Review Ponyo | Rotten Tomatoes (3) David Jenkins Time Out We're drawn under the waves of the sea to a hidden enclave of neon-hued aqualife more vibrant, surreal and enchanting than any of the floating 3D whatsits in 'Avatar'. Rated: 4/5 Feb 16, 2010 Full Review Ponyo | Rotten Tomatoes (4) Michael Leader Den of Geek Ponyo, for the most part, is a beautiful, heartwarming piece that should bring a smile to anyone’s face, regardless of age. Rated: 4/5 May 7, 2024 Full Review Ponyo | Rotten Tomatoes (5) Brian Eggert Deep Focus Review Miyazaki represents the last animator still wholly dedicated to an art form that is slowly dying. Relish animated films like this while you can. Rated: 4/4 Sep 4, 2023 Full Review Ponyo | Rotten Tomatoes (6) Jordan Brooks Vague Visages Perhaps not the film for the adventurous young adult, Ponyo proves that remarkable visual inventiveness more-than makes up for candy-sweet morals and glass-fragile plot lines. Aug 1, 2023 Full Review Read all reviews

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Felixito L No es perfecta pero es una buena película debido no solo a su hermosa animación (que para mi es de las mejores animaciones de todo Ghibli), sino también a sus personajes simples pero entrañables, que me hacen recordar a Bambi de Disney( estos personajes no tenían mucho desarrollo pero tenían una historia bonita y bella) , conjunto a su espectacular banda sonora, su mensaje ambiental y de amistad que se maneja a lo largo de la cinta también me parece bien tratado pero que la simplicidad de la historia no profundiza en él, solo hace con el de la amistad y el amor entre Sosuke y Ponyo.Los problemas principales que le veo y por lo que no le doy un 10 o una calificación más alta es su personaje principal que me parece castrante y fastidioso por momentos, respecto a su villano solo digo que Ghibli no hace tan buenos villanos y es más por lo general son innecesarios debido a que sus historias por lo general van de los problemas que enfrentan los protagonistas en sus travesías y aventuras, no de enfrentarse a un enemigo que les dificulte el camino y sea memorable, pero este villano me cae bien y solo lo veo simple pero bonito como su propia historia.La historia simplemente cautiva con sus bellos y espléndidos paisajes de colores que te llevan a un extásis, que permiten su contemplación a través de una historia linda que no llega incomodarte solo a decir que es una joyita y una buena película al estilo Ghibli.Calificación: 8/10 Rated 4.5/5 Stars • Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars 05/21/24 Full Review James E A very sweet movie with charming messages and beautiful visuals. Rated 4/5 Stars • Rated 4 out of 5 stars 04/06/24 Full Review Noe G Ponyo it's also amazing and fantastic studio ghibli I give this film a 10/10 Rated 5/5 Stars • Rated 5 out of 5 stars 04/06/24 Full Review H. Ives H I loved Ghibli films as a kid, but I always remembered liking Mononoke, Kiki's, Totoro and other's more than Ponyo. I started rewatching all of my Ghibli DVDs starting with Ponyo, and I was a bit disappointed. While the art style is less Spirited away grand, it has a charmingly childish crayon-like feeling that I appreciate. The score was also very good (It's a Ghibli film after all). But at the end of the day, the story was lacking, and while I'm not against movie's explaining events with simply 'magic', I took issue with how easily everyone accepted the magical events. Part of what makes magic in movies interesting are the reactions from adult characters that don't just accept it like children, and it just felt lazy for Lisa and the seniors and everyone to just not question it. Also, probably just a me thing, but I found Ponyo's english VA to be VERY annoying. I feel like 85% of her lines were just yelled, which I understand doing to emphasize Ponyo's wonder in everything around her, but It got old real quick. Rated 3/5 Stars • Rated 3 out of 5 stars 04/01/24 Full Review Fakttastischer I I saw this movie when I was alittle kid and loved it so much but i never remembered its name since then. Today i watched it again and i loved it so much. This movie is so wholesome and gives you the feeling of being a kid again. Rated 5/5 Stars • Rated 5 out of 5 stars 03/27/24 Full Review Nathan H Does it get any more universally loveable and wondrous than this? Rated 5/5 Stars • Rated 5 out of 5 stars 03/27/24 Full Review Read all reviews


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Movie Info

Synopsis During a forbidden excursion to see the surface world, a goldfish princess encounters a human boy named Sosuke, who gives her the name Ponyo. Ponyo longs to become human, and as her friendship with Sosuke grows, she becomes more humanlike. Ponyo's father brings her back to their ocean kingdom, but so strong is Ponyo's wish to live on the surface that she breaks free, and in the process, spills a collection of magical elixirs that endanger Sosuke's village.

Hayao Miyazaki

Toshio Suzuki

Melissa Mathison, Hayao Miyazaki

Walt Disney Pictures

Production Co
Studio Ghibli, Walt Disney Studios


Adventure, Fantasy, Anime

Original Language

Release Date (Theaters)
Aug 14, 2009, Wide

Rerelease Date (Theaters)
Aug 3, 2024

Release Date (Streaming)
Dec 16, 2019

Box Office (Gross USA)

1h 40m

Sound Mix
Dolby Digital Surround EX, Dolby Digital

Aspect Ratio
Flat (1.85:1)
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Ponyo | Rotten Tomatoes (2024)


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Is Ponyo safe for toddlers? ›

This film is great for all ages.

Studio Ghibli produces beautiful films for people of all ages. This one in particular is enjoyable regardless of age. Anyone can appreciate it. It's Hayao Miyazaki's take on The Little Mermaid.

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Is Ponyo too scary? ›

There's little violence, although a few scenes during and after a climactic storm may disturb the youngest viewers. Some scenes in which parents and other characters seem to be missing might also be upsetting.

Is Ponyo a boy or girl? ›

Like most 5-year-old's, Ponyo is a very happy and rambunctious little girl. Unlike her father, who is very apprehensive about the surface world, Ponyo is very curious about it and finds everything about surface-life fascinating, to the point where she wants to become human herself.

What is the target audience for Ponyo? ›

Hayao Miyazaki's Ponyo is strictly a kids film (4-9 years old) and I think they'll dig it. But adult viewers may end up scratching their heads and think they are stoned – or seriously wish they were.

Does higher Rotten Tomatoes mean better? ›

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