'Wordle' today: Here's the answer, hints for August 2 (2024)


Stuck on 'Wordle' #409? We're here to help with tips, clues, and the answer. Spoilers within.

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'Wordle' today: Here's the answer, hints for August 2 (1)

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We're two whole days into August already, Wordle fans! If the weather's got you feeling a bit sluggish and you're stuck on today's puzzle, we're here to help with some subtle clues that will make you remember that you do, in fact, know at least three more five-letter words.

The answer to the August 2 Wordle, puzzle #409, can be found at the end of this article, or you can simply read on for a few tips, gentle hints, and strategies to help you every day.

Where did Wordle come from?

Former Reddit engineer Josh Wardle came up with the game in 2021 as a private exercise for him and his word game-loving partner. It eventually became a staple of their family WhatsApp messaging, and that's when Wardle started to suspect he might have something special enough to merit a wider release.

Thousands of people around the globe now play this game each day, and fans have even created alternatives to Wordle inspired by the original format. This includes music identification game Heardle, Hollywood nerd faves Actorle and Framed, and variations like Dordle and Quordle that make you guess multiple words at once.

Not the day you're after? You'll find the Wordle answer for August 1 here.

What's the best Wordle starting word?

We have some ideas to help you pick the perfect first move. Such tips include choosing a word with at least two different vowels to rule those building blocks in or out, plus a few common consonants such as S, T, R, or N.

Also, even if you're attached to your mathematically sound starter, once it's been the answer on any given day it won't be the answer again for a few years — so if you happen to get the elusive 1/6 result, celebrate by swapping out your starting five.

What happened to the Wordle archive?

While you could once play the entire archive of past puzzles, the archive was taken down at the request of the New York Times, according to the site's creator.

Is Wordle getting harder?

If you've been finding Wordle too easy, there is a Hard Mode you can enable to give yourself more of a challenge. But unless you activate this mode, we can assure you that Wordle isn't getting harder.

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Why are there two different Wordle answers some days?

The whole point of Wordle is that everyone's solving the same puzzle, with the same answer, no matter where you are in the world. However, occasionally the puzzle game will accept two different correct solutions on the same day. This aberration is due to changes the New York Times began making after it acquired Wordle earlier this year, excising words form Wardle's original list that the team considers obscure or potentially offensive.

To make sure you're always getting the same puzzle as everyone else, refresh your browser before you play — don't worry, the site will keep your streak.

A subtle hint for the Wordle answer on August 2

Why, we could give you a hint, but that wouldn't be as much fun, wouldn't it? *flutters eyelashes from behind a silk fan*


Wordle-obsessed? These are the best word games to play IRL.

Wordle today is a 5-letter word that begins with...

...the letter C!

Does today's Wordle word have a double letter?

It does! But it's non-consecutive — there's a letter in between the twins today.

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Wordle today: What's the answer?


It's time to reveal the solution.



Don't know the meaning of COYLY? It's not just a different spelling of COILY (which isn't in the word list, as it happens). If you're being coy, you're pretending to be shy, usually in a flirtatious manner, or avoiding disclosing or discussing something — either because you actually don't want to discuss it, or because you're trying to get someone to get you to discuss it.

Reporting by Caitlin Welsh, Sam Haysom, Amanda Yeo and Adam Rosenberg contributed to this article.


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'Wordle' today: Here's the answer, hints for August 2 (32)

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'Wordle' today: Here's the answer, hints for August 2 (2024)


What is the hint Wordle for August 2? ›

The August 2nd Wordle answer is BEGET. Players can solve today's Wordle answer using words that reveal the correct positions of the repeating vowels. So, players are recommended to use words such as ROAST, BEAST, and TENET.

Are there double letters in today's Wordle? ›

There are no double letters in today's Wordle.

What is the Wordle aug 3? ›

The word is... PARTY. After a few tough days of answers with double letters, "PARTY" was a much easier word to find. We started with "ROAST" and immediately got three yellows, followed by "TARTY" to get four green letters and making "PARTY" an easy third guess.

What is Wordle for August 22? ›

Keep on winning. The answer to the August 22 (794) Wordle is SPICE.

What is Wordle for August 1? ›

Wordle Answer for August 1

The answer is TENTH. Keep looking for this space for more such hints and the right answer for daily Wordle puzzle challenge.

What is the hint Wordle for August 13? ›

Wordle #785, Answer for Sunday, August 13

The answer to Sunday's Wordle puzzle is "wrath."

What is the Wordle for today? ›

Here comes the spoiler: Today's Wordle answer is BRAVO.

Does everyone have the same word each day in Wordle? ›

What Wordle gets very right is in its community. Everyone gets the same word every day, and those words come from a curated list. Players can share their results, with the coveted goal of finding the correct word quickly.

How do you know if a letter in Wordle is used twice? ›

Warning: Letters Can Be Used Twice

I repeat, letters can be used twice! If you choose a word with repeating letters and only one letter is either green or yellow and the other is gray, it means the letter only appears once. However, if the second letter is yellow or green, then the letter appears twice in the answer.

What is Wordle for August 4? ›

The answer is CHART.

What was Wordle 775? ›

The answer to today's puzzle is "party." Hopefully, you were able to figure out the word within the six tries permitted.

What is Wordle 333? ›

The answer to today's Wordle #333 is SCOUR and contains a couple of vowels.

What is Wordle for August 2? ›

Wordle Answer for August 2

The answer is BEGET. Hope you could maintain your winning streak. If not, Better luck next time!

What is the hint for August 7 on Wordle? ›

Hint #1: There is one repeated letter in today's Wordle answer. Hint #2: Monday's answer contains two vowels. Hint #3: You may want to use "drink" as a starting word as it will reveal two green tiles while eliminating one of the vowels not in the word.

What is the hint Wordle for August 9? ›

The August 9th Wordle answer is LOVER. To solve today's Wordle answer, players will need to use starting words such as ROAST, IRATE, and GLOVE.

What word did Wordle say on August 4? ›

The answer to the August 4 (776) Wordle is CHART.

What is Wordle for September 2? ›

Today's word is ONION, a noun.

What are the clues for the Wordle on August 21? ›

ANSWER to Wordle 793 - August 21, 2023

The Answer for the Wordle 793 - August 21, 2023, is the following word: BEACH.


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