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"Y'know, Sasuke, I'm real tired of you ignoring me,” The blond crossed his arms over his chest as he pouted. When will he leave me alone? Go away Naruto. Sasuke sighed before rolling away from his friend and facing the wall.

As if the boy offended his mother, Naruto scoffed and whined, “Sasukeee. Come on! Talk to me!” He floated to the other side of Sasuke, inches away from his face, “I'm literally in your head. You can't escape me.”

Without acknowledging the pest swarming around him like a fly, the Uchiha simply sat up, pinching the bridge of his nose tiredly. He's not real. Just ignore it and it'll go away-

“Hey! I'm not an ‘it’, Sasuke! My name is Naru–” Before the blond could continue his complaining Sasuke interrupted with a groan.

“Yeah yeah. No need to monolog. I know your name, Idiot. Just. Shut up. You're loud.” His dark eyes looked over at the boy in front of him. He was thirteen, still the same appearance, no change at all. Naruto Uzumaki looked exactly the same as he did one year ago. Sasuke however, didn't.

There was one difference in the knucklehead's appearance, and it was the fact Sasuke could see right through him. His hand could pass right through Naruto like he wasn't even there. Maybe because he isn't.

Sasuke breathed out tiredly, “You're dead, dumbass. Why are you here?” Naruto's smile wavered as he saw his friend's ice-cold glare, “Just…leave me alone.”

“Sas–” The boy hesitated before continuing, “Look. You're the one imagining I'm here, ya know. And! Don't forget, you are also the one who killed me. So. Like. I don't know, man.” He placed his hands on his hips while raising an eyebrow, “Maybe our bond is just that strong. I died but you couldn't-” the blond rolled his eyes, “sever our bond or whatever.”

This idiot has got to be joking. Sasuke's glare hardened at Naruto before throwing a rock at him and laying back down.

That rock passed right through the boy and he raised a questioning eyebrow at Sasuke, “That was pointless. You've done that already.”

Naruto got no response from Sasuke as he stared at the back of his head, only black hair facing him. Instead, the Uchiha has his eyes shut, lost in his own thoughts.

This must be my karma for killing him. I wasn't even gonna kill him! I didn't want— I didn’t think he was that weak. And now the knucklehead is haunting me. Sasuke let out a sigh. He didn't want to think of it anymore. He must focus on Itachi. Whatever Naruto is doing here is pointless.

“Are you about to go on a ‘I'm an avenger’ rant again? Because it's real cringe, Sas.” Naruto, of course, interrupted his thoughts with that annoying comment.

You can't read my mind. Leave me alone.

An annoying high-pitched laugh pierced Sasuke's ears, “Then why are you talking to me with your thoughts?” That. Sasuke had no answer.

“Whatever,” The boy responded, not wanting to humor the pest any longer.

Naruto looked over at the door, a look of disgust present, “Guess it's time for training.”

Oh great. Can't even get a lick or sleep. Sasuke sighed before standing and gathering his gear. Orochimaru opened the door and stared at the boy with hungry snake-like eyes, “Sasuke, it's time for training.”

Without question, Sasuke walked over to the snake. Naruto, of course, was very against this and was mocking the Sannin. Why can't he ever be mature and shut up?

“Let's go, Orochimaru.” The Uchiha demanded as he walked out of his small room.

That tone wasn't welcome, “Watch it, boy,” Orochimaru spat, his eyes narrowing in annoyance.

The boy only grunted in response as he saw his blond friend follow behind him while making immature faces at the snake-man. Funny, Naruto. Sasuke rolled his eyes.

His master began walking down the hall, Sasuke close behind him. It was silent for an unsettling amount of time before Orochimaru started up again, “We're leaving this hideout tomorrow. It appears Konoha is getting relentless.”

Naruto stopped. He stopped walking, talking, blinking. It was as if the mere mention of their old home caused him to shut down. Sasuke simply glanced up at the pale-skinned man with annoyance.

“Maybe killing that nine-tailed brat wasn't such a good idea. I'm sure they're coming to kill you,” Orochimaru smirked, he knew exactly what speaking of Naruto does to his pupil. Makes him so feisty.

The blond's eyes glossed over, his appearance was unsettling. Sasuke had to ignore it, he couldn't acknowledge it. All he could do was walk faster, “Let's hurry. I have training.”

With a sh*t-eating grin, Orochimaru simply nodded before catching up with Sasuke, “Yes. Let us go.”

The dead ninja followed robotically next to his friend, whose hands were trembling ever so slightly. It was like Sasuke was running from what he did. “How silly,” Naruto began with a cheerful smile but a cold tone, “You can't run from killing your best friend. I thought you were the smart one. Right, Sasuke?”

A small wet drop of whatever fell splashed onto Sasuke's nose. Is there a leak? But when he looked up to see the source, there was nothing. His hair stood up as his chest clenched. He looked back at Naruto but couldn't see him. Naru–

When Sasuke looked forward again his thoughts stopped. There he was. The blond was bloody, beaten, and looked as if he had one foot in the grave. Before Sasuke could say anything more the boy turned to look at him, his eyes smiling, “Sasuke! What are you doin? You're so slow! Let's hurry. It's time for training!” The boy laughed. It was such a grating laugh. So cheery and bright. Like he had no care in the world. Like he was alive.

Biting his lip, Sasuke clenched his fist, his cold eyes narrowing with bitterness and hatred. You are dead. Stop acting like you're alive.

“Sasuke!” His master spat, causing him to snap out of his thoughts, “Why aren't you walking?” Oh. Orochimaru was further ahead. When did he stop walking?

Clearing his throat he responded, “Right.” Sasuke quickly walked up to Orochimaru, passing through Naruto. As he did, his friend disappeared. After all. Sasuke had training, for he is an Avenger. He must kill Itachi. Naruto was simply in the way as always.

‘My foolish little brother, if you want to kill me, then despise me, hate me, and live a loathsome life. Run away and away to cling to life. And then someday, when you have the same eyes as I do, come before me.’

I will avenge my fallen clan. I will kill Itachi. No matter the cost. Sasuke vowed once again as he remembered his older brother's final words to him.

Konoha means nothing now. Sakura, Kakashi, and even Naruto. The only thing that matters to him is his revenge. His hand grips his uchigatana tightly, the trembling stops.

It's time to begin training. Right, Naruto?

Only Everyone Can Judge Me - Chapter 1 - Alphafox113 (2024)


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